Blue Leather Dog Collar  | Canine's Collar | Ocean Blvd
Blue dog collar Premium Leather Canine's Collar
Blue Dog Collar Premium Leather Canine's Collar
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Blue Leather Dog Collar

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Blue Collar

Ocean Blvd Collection

Pure and elegant. The Canine's Collar Blue Dog Collar has been handcrafted with high-quality bovine leather. The comfortable design in combination with its fine details such as the same genuine leather color inside, metal parts made of real brass and the elegantly engraved tag makes this dog collar achieve its beautiful and noble look.
Complete the look of this dog collar with the matching Ocean Blvd Blue Leash & Poop Bag Carrier.

Also available in Mocha, Dark Green & Cognac.

Supplied in a Canine's Collar gift box

 Designed in the USA   Handmade   ✓ 100% real bovine leather

    Our leather collars are easy to put on and take off of the dog
    High quality metal buckle dog collar
    ▪ Burnished edge: a slide edge that helps prevent hair loss
    Our leather collars are designed with the right width in mind to protect the dog's neck 
    Comfortable dog collar 
    Navy blue premium bovine leather
    With wear, the leather collar becomes softer while maintaining its strength
    Two D-ring sizes 
    Unique dog collar
    Made with 100% real bovine leather
    Designed collars sizes for puppy, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large dog breeds

        • Leather: Real bovine leather on both sides
        • Metal: High-quality genuine brass hardware


        • Compatible for neck size ranging from 8" to 23"

          We focus on design  a lightweight high-quality leather collar for dogs comfort.

          Our collars are measured from the end of the strap by the buckle to the 1st and last holes. 

          Smallest fitting size: please see the distance marked A on the diagrams.

          Largest fitting size: is as shown on the diagram as the distance C 

          XS Dog Collar

          XS  dog collar | Blue Collar size - weight

          Small Dog Collar

          S | Small  Blue Premium Leather Dog Collar

          Medium dog Collar

          Medium dog collar | Blue Dog Collar Size - Weight

          Large dog Collar

          Large dog collar | Blue dog Collar size - weight

          Large breed dog collars

          XL | Large breed blue dog collars size - weight

          XXL | Large breed blue dog collars size - weight

          To achieve the best fit, we suggest:

          1. Take a flexible measuring tape (not metal for the safety of your pup) 
          2. Tell your dog to be in a sitting position 
          3. Measure around the base of your dog's neck (Arrow A)        
          4. Leaving enough space to slide 1 or 2 fingers between your dog's neck and the measure tape for the dog's comfort! 
          5. Also, measure at point B as in the image shown to make sure that it is not loose enough to slide over your dog's head 

            All Canine's Collar goods, premium leather dog collars are design in USA Our Dogs Premium Leather Collars are designed to be light in weight for the dog's comfort Our dogs premium leather collars are mede with hight quality bovine leather because we believe your dog deserves the best 

          Why canine's blue leather collar?

          It's Comfortable for your dog

          When properly fitted, a leather collar is the most comfortable for canines. Leather is the material that creates the least friction on your dog's neck fur.

          Blue Dog Collar | Leather Blue Collar

          It is made with 100% real bovine leather

          Leather breathes; it is safe, natural and organic. The oils in your dog’s skin and coat will help soften and “break in” the leather in this premium collar.

          Blue Dog Collar | Premium real leather

          smooth finished edge

          Our Blue leather collar has the advantage of having a smooth finished edge because we smoothed it off by sanding and sealing the rough, raw edges of the leather several times until a slide finished edge was obtained. This process is called Burnished Leather Edge which provides the best comfort possible for our dogs and help prevents fur loss.

          smooth leather edge help prevents fur loss.

          Less pressure on your dog’s neck

          Our leather collars are designed with the right width in mind to protect the dog's neck. A wider collar puts less pressure on the dog's neck because the force exerted against it is distributed over a wider area.

          ✓ We recommend and provide 3 collar widths based on your dog's neck measurement.
          blue leather dog collar  puppy and large dogs

          Stitching and Thread

          Our Blue leather collar is lined by the same full-grain soft bovine leather backing and held together by a durable thread. This blue thread helps maintain lasting integrity and prevents the leather from stretching and morphing through months of wear.
          Luxury Blue dog collar

          The right Collar length

          ▪Sizes available for extra small, small, medium, large & extra large dogs.

          ▪6 different lengths.

          Best Blue leather dog collar

          Shorter end tip

          Designed to reduce the amount of loose strap at the end tip of the collar preventing other dogs from biting and pulling thus avoiding injury to the dog's neck.

          Why a Blue Collar?

          Until recently it was thought that dogs saw in black and white, fortunately, today we know that dogs see in color and that they are able to differentiate some of them without any problem.

          So does this mean that dogs see colors?

          Yes, dogs see in color, although of course they are not able to differentiate all colors as we do.

          However, this does not mean that dog's vision is poorer, in fact, our best friends are excellent night hunters, they have superior visual acuity and their perception of movement is much more sensitive than ours.

          That's one of the reasons why we have designed our Canine's

          Blue collar

          Does your dog like blue color?

          Dogs do not see in black and white, that is one of the most widespread false myths about dogs around the world.

          Scientific studies prove that dogs see in color, the answer lies in the cones, the photosensitive cells found in the eye that are sensitive to colors and details.

          Your dog's vision:

          The dog has only 40 cones, so it has dichromatic vision. This allows your dog to easily identify yellow and BLUE colors.

          Ironically, most dog products are red, a color that our dogs are NOT able to distinguish. This is why despite the demand from dog owners to buy red collars for their dogs, Canine's Collar has decided to go for the color that your dog can really appreciate and enjoy, and that is BLUE.

          Shop your dog's favorite color

          Blue dog Collar

          Why is a blue leather dog collar better than a blue nylon collar?

          The purpose is the comfort of your dog, because we believe that your dog deserves the best.

          Nylon: X

          Causes irritation to the dog’s skin


          Protects and adapts to its coat

          Nylon: X

          Its rough texture causes irritations


          Is soft and comfortable for the dog

          Nylon: X

          It causes bad odors and gets dirty easily


          It is smooth and elegant, very easy to clean

          Nylon: X

          Its material is made in China and industrialized


          Canine’s Collar is a family business in Palm Beach, FL and we work with 100% real bovine leather

          Blue leather dog collar