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At Canine's Collar we believe that your dog deserves the best leather handcrafted quality accessories from start to finish. Our high end dog products are designed for the comfort of your dog taking into consideration your sophisticated taste.

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If doggies could buy gifts for themselves, they’d be stuffing their online shopping carts full of high end dog accessories ranging from Canine's Collar premium bovine leather collars, soft premium bovine leather leash with matching poop bag.

We made our high end dog accessories from long-lasting and as natural materials as possible to leather, thread and even smaller details every component is hand selected by our design team, that means by us, to make sure you and your dog get nothing but the best quality leather dog accessories possible. An elegant design, a small twist through fine and elegant details, high quality materials, untreated and sustainable, fairly produced by artisans who know their art

 High-quality leather   handcrafted   Designed in the heart of Palm Beach FL

At Canine's Collar we design high end leather dog accessories with the lovely intention to give the dog something that makes his life a little more beautiful and pleasant
Stitching and thread


Leather are not impenetrable to chewing but are extremely strong compared to any other dog accessories material. Leather dog accessories will withstand all the elements and will rarely look “dirty”. Rather, with each passing day the leather will developing a look that is exclusively yours.


Leather is by far more comfortable to hold, especially on long walks. Nylon can agitate the skin over time especially if you have a puller. The best part is as time goes on, the leather will soften more without losing its durability. That why a leather collar and leash is a most every day dog kit essential

Always a trendy appearance:

Leather is a mainstay in fashion, leather dog accessories look extremely timeless, classy and it never goes out of style. Leather is so trendy that high end dog accessories never go out of style!

Our Beloved pups are providing all year-round cuddles and kisses, for that we've designed high end dog accessories to spoil your dog matching your sophisticated style. Make your pup's look to the next level with our leather dog accessories that will have them wagging their tails with joy

Your doggy will look amazing with all our leather dog accessories that we have designed, our leather dog collar matching our leather leash and leather poop bag dispenser. Our dog will walk, fun, and play with style and comfort! No matter the size of your dog big or small!

Imagine walking into a French cafe, Starbuck or any Italian coffee place with your dog merrily keeping step next to you. Allow your pup to turn some heads up wearing Canine's Collar high end dog accessories that will compliment your style

We believed our dogs deserve

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