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Green Luxury Poop Bag Holder | Canine's Collar
Luxury green  dog bag holder set
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Green Poop Bag Dispenser

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Luxury Dog Bag Holder

Ocean Blvd Collection 

Our luxurious Ocean Blvd Green Dog Bag Holder is perfectly designed to fit canines lover's style and needs on the go. Constructed with real leather and  folded into a unique shape, The Ocean Blvd Poop bag dispenser is a minimalist style that integrates onto any Canine's Collar Leash. Designed to be easy to load and soft-touch. 

Also available in Mocha, Blue  & Cognac.

Exclusively designed for dog's owner's comfort 
Easy to load
Minimalist design
Stitching and thread
✓ Soft Touch
✓ Flexible
Soft Touch
Designed with a slide edge for the hand comfort
Dark Green 
With wear, the leather becomes softer, while maintaining its shape & strength
Leather dog bag holder is crafted with real bovine leather.
Durable leather 
 Premium metal hardware.  
✓ High-quality leather  ✓ handcrafted   ✓ Designed in the USA
✓ High-quality leather
✓ Luxury feather edge construction

Outer materialReal bovine leather
Inner material: ✓ Real bovine Leather
Metal: ✓ Genuine Brass hardware
0.1-5/8 Lb.Oz

Where can I attach my dog bag holder?

Our Dog bag holder is attached to The Ocean Blvd Leather Leash.  Our dog poop bag holder has an exclusive design that makes it easy to load the bags inside. 

What type of poop bag can I use?

Ocean Blvd Leather Dog Bag holder is designed to be used with any standard regular poop bag.

Ocean Blvd dog bag holder is an exclusive design to install easily on our premium leather leashes. The design connection is compatible only with Ocean Blvd Collection - Canine's Collar leashes. 
Lightweight Premium green leather poop bag dispenserBovine Leather is BiodegradablePremium Leather Poop Bag Dispenser design in USA Poop bag Dispenser Made with premium Leather

The Dog Bag Holder Stitching + Thread

The poop bag carrier is lined by full soft grain genuine leather backing and held together by durable thread. This thread helps maintain lasting integrity and prevents the leather from stretching and morphing through months of wear. Our premium leather dog bag holder are sewn in Colombia, by workers receiving an honest and decent living wage.


One of the key benefits of our leather poop dispenser is loading the entire roll in. Thanks to our minimalist design it's easy to slip a roll of bags in. Once loaded, it’s easy to gently squeeze it when you need to tear a bag off a roll. When the dog bag holder is attached to Canine's Collar leash, the roll will not fall off from the leash while moving.

green poop bag carrier

Pure Elegance

The main characteristic of our Ocean Blvd Dog Bag holder is the tasteful richness of design, using only premium bovine leather.

Luxury green leather dog bag holder online

Premium Bovine Leather

Handcrafted with real bovine-cow Green leather on the outer side and premium Tan leather lining in the inside.

Luxury hands free dog bag holder

Hands - Free Dog Bag Holder

Our minimalist dog bag holder is conveniently attached to the leash through our premium leather "CC poop bag strap" exclusive of Canine's Collar Leashes. Its light weight adds a new level of freedom and enjoyment while walking your dog.