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Leather Leash Snap Hook 

In April 2020, we submitted our snap hooks to a Tensile Test used to determine how our snap hooks will behave under tension load.


  • 1" snap hook for leather leash size L
Our 1” snap hook sample was pulled to its deform point to determine its ultimate tensile strength.
That tension test resulted in 265.87749 pounds.
Real brass silver Snap Hook  for  1" wide leash | Canine's Collar
  • 5/8" Snap-hook for leather leash size S
Our 5/8” snap hook sample strength testing involves applying an ever-increasing load to the snap hook sample up to the point of breaking.
That tension test resulted in 129.4113 pounds. 
Real brass silver snap hook  for 5/8" wide leather dog leash | Canine's Collar

Our snap hook has an eye that swivels around the bolt of the snap, allowing the webbing attached through the eye to rotate as the dog moves. The swivel eye bolt snap is by far the best option for dog leashes. Therefore, the movement of the swivel snaps results in friction which may result in wear and breakage over time.

Our snap hooks come in two sizes that will accommodate dogs ranging from small to large.

  • 5/8” inside snap hook on the 5/8”  leather leash for XS and S size dogs
  • 1 1/32” inside snap hook on the 1” leather leash for M, L , XL , XXL size dogs

The snap hook on the dog leash is a very important factor to consider when choosing the right leash for your dog. When we designed our snap hook, we took into account not only having a minimalist and elegant snap hook but also the size and weight of the dogs. This is why we have two different sizes of leashes and snap hooks.

Material: ✓ 100% Zinc alloy .

Color:     ✓ Silver / Nickel

Swivel:   ✓ 360 degree swivel 

Design:  ✓ Designed from scratch by Canine's Collar