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Measurement Guide

How to measure your dog's neck? 

To achieve the best measurement for your dog's neck we suggest:

  1. Take a flexible measuring tape (not metal for the safety of your pup).
Measurement dog neck with flexible measuring tape | Leather Collar | Canine's Collar
  1. Tell your dog to be in a sitting position. 



  1. Measure around the base of your dog's neck.  (Arrow A)
How to measure your dog neck | canine's Collar




  1. Leaving enough space to slide 1 or 2 fingers between your dogs neck and the measure tape for the dogs comfort.
How to measure your dog's neck? | Canine's Collar




  1. Also measure at point B as in the image shown to make sure that it is not loose enough to slide over your dog’s head
How to measure your dog's neck? | Canine's Collar




Details for better dog neck measurements: 

The measurement tape on your dog’s neck should be snug, without being so tight that’ll cause discomfort or to loose and slide over your dog’s head.