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Food Your Dog Should Never Eat

For years there have always been certain concerns among pet owners about canine feeding. The question that we always ask ourselves "what should feed our fur babies?" and whether or not we should give in to canned/kibble food.

Some cases past correlation problems from the ingestion of inappropriate food that harm the lives of our pets aren't mentioned but rather promoted by many veterinary.

High-risk foods that can affect our dog's health

This article will give you information on what you should not give to your pet:

Fruits that your dog should no eat:

Image by Matthew Henry 
Some fruits like grapes, are not meant for our pets since our dogs' digestive system is not similar to ours, which makes the digestion slower complicating it with a picture of abdominal pain. Other fruits that we should not share with our dogs are apple seeds, coconut, avocado, cherry, leaves and pits. 

Don't give these Vegetable to your dog:

Dogs should no eat onions Photo by Avelino Calvar from Burst

Nowadays healthier diets should be implemented. Diets that have similarity to the diets we consume every day which consists of bringing vegetables in the lives of our pets. Not all vegetables are good for our pets, for example, onion are a danger to dogs because it contains thiosulfate, which causes hemolysis or destruction of red and white blood cells causing hemolytic anemia that can complicate and lead to death.

Dessert I can't share with my dog?
Dogs cant eat chocolate
Photo by Matthew Henry

We always want to pamper our dogs and give them the best life. It is reported that one of the desserts that we mistakenly give our dogs is chocolate which contains theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine, theobromine is used in medicine as a diuretic and heart stimulant. Dogs metabolize theobromine more slowly which is not rapidly secreted by the body producing toxicity which causes death. Beware of the ingredients we are giving our pets when it comes to desserts.

As human beings, like dogs, we need protein consumption, which is essential for the well-being of the body. Some of the most common proteins are Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Pork that, like us, can be consumed.

Many owners supplements protein for other foods that may have protein percentages one of the most common and that we should not give are grains such as lentils, and beans since the husk that contains the grains is not digestible by the digestive system of dogs producing constipation in some cases gas accumulations, abdominal pain due to its low digestibility. 

Others that we can't give to our dogs macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pecans.

The best food we can give out dogs is organic grass-fed and with no add antibiotics would be best when it comes to all meats.

Carbohydrates dogs should not eat :
Dogs should no eat pasta or pizza
Photo by: Michele Krozser

One of the most important topics in veterinary medicine refers to the consumption of carbohydrates since it has caused certain problems in dogs. One of the most common is obesity and skin problems from giving our dogs high amounts of carbohydrates.

The reaction your pet may have can be correlated with the breed of your dog, but also keep in mind that each dog is different and may have different levels of tolerance to carbohydrates.

Pasta and pizza are a good example of a risk food because of its high percentage of carbohydrates, it can induce vomiting for the dogs the pasta contains starch which ferments the gastric juices of the stomach producing regurgitation. Be careful and keep in mind the health of your dog. You can make a correlation when it comes to Kibble and carbohydrates.

William Alejandro Rivillas Jaen