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How To Make Homemade Anti - Flea Shampoo?


How to make dog anti - flea shampoo?

    This formula is the best for a quick anti-flea bath. We assure you that it will take you  no time at all to make it. This shampoo will help prevent the appearance of these uncomfortable parasites.

    Ingredients you need:

    🐾 5 tablespoons of a mild baby shampoo. (No matter the brand)

    🐾 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar.

    🐾  1 cup of warm water.


    Mix the mild shampoo with the half cup of apple cider vinegar. Then stir well until the vinegar is well integrated. Add the water title by title until the mixture is homogeneous.

    Now you are ready to bath for dog! 🐶🐶🐶🛀

    To apply it, you must thoroughly moisten the dog, apply a sufficient amount of
    shampoo all over the dog, and when it begins to foam, leave it used for at
    least five minutes before rinsing again with plenty of water.

    Coconut oil
    In the hands,  put a sufficient amount of oil, and pass your hands over the dog's back, belly, and legs. Once this is done, take a comb and begin to comb it in the direction where the hair grows, this to avoid hurting our dogs, thus avoiding pulling and possible tangles that it may have.

    Watch the video of how to make it:

    If you want to see the video of how we prepared this anti flea shampoo recipe for Lola and Lager click here 

    At Canine's Collar we are in the pursuit of dog's happiness. We hope this anti- flea shampoo recipe has been super easy to prepare and super useful to prevent fleas in your dog! #caninescollar, #doglove, #dogfleashampoo, @caninescollar