1 Collar = 1 meal for a shelter dog

Homemade cupcakes That You Can Share With Your Dog

Dogs are the friendliest animals we know, they steal our hearts. And there is no more tender moment than when they ask for something they like. We promise you that when you prepare these cupcakes, they will become their favorite food.

It's ideal for a weekend craving, especially when you're also craving desserts, and to keep your dog's eyes off you, you can share it with them. Plus, it's healthy and quick to prepare. Oatmeal is beneficial for regulating cholesterol and contains protein ideal for dogs šŸ¶Ā šŸ¶.

CupcakeĀ Ingredients:

šŸ¾1 egg

šŸ¾1/2 of water

šŸ¾1/2Ā cup of oatmeal

šŸ¾3 shredded carrotsĀ 

šŸ¾4 tsp. of collagenĀ bovine powder


First, beat the egg with a fork and add the olive oil or water. Then, add the oats and grated carrots; once the mixture is obtained, add theĀ collagenĀ bovine powder. Finally, serve in the cupcake liners and bake at 350Ā° F (with the oven previously heated) for 40 minutes. Previously, poke it with a wooden stick to know if it is ready to let it cool.

I hope you enjoy these healthy cupcakes together. let us know how they turned out.Ā 

heathy homemade Cupcakes for you and your dog